10 reguli pentru utilizatori fericiti1 min read

Nov 9, 2007 < 1 min

10 reguli pentru utilizatori fericiti1 min read

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Iata 10 reguli care te vor ajuta sa imbunatatesti experienta utilizatorilor cu site-urile sau aplicatiile online pe care le dezvolti.

Am pastrat varianta in engleza.

usability wiki1. Anything that exists only to satisfy the internal politics of the site owner must be eliminated.

2. Anything that exists only to satisfy the ego of the designer must be eliminated.

3. Anything that is irrelevant within the context of the page must be eliminated.

4. Any feature or technique that reduces the visitor’s ability to navigate freely must be reworked or eliminated.

5. Any interactive object that forces the visitor to guess its meaning must be reworked or eliminated.

6. No software, apart from the browser itself, must be required to get the site to work correctly.

7. Content must be readable first, printable second, downloadable third.

8. Usability must never be sacrificed for the sake of a style guide.

9. No visitor must be forced to register or surrender personal data unless the site owner is unable to provide a service or complete a transaction without it.

10. Break any of these rules sooner than do anything outright barbarous.

Regulile sunt preluate din “web dogma” agentiei FatDUX.

Wiki: usability, website wireframe, information architecture.

  1. Marian S.
    Super interesant ! Coincide oarecum si cu ideile mele. Am facut un copy/paste, ca idee, am salvat totul intr-un document, maine il printez si il pun pe perete deasupra monitorului (si asa blonda aia goala era plina de praf). Tot inainte !
  2. Adrian Apostol » 10 reguli pentru utilizatori fericiti
    [...] dupa 10 metode pentru a face un site care sa nu aiba succes (via Adi) am gasit 10 reguli pentru a multumi utilizatorii unui site (via Dragos Tuta) [...]

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