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The Social Signature is the single strand of original code that represents the founding ideas of the business at the broadest and most inclusive level. If a Value Proposition attempts to capture the benefits of the business’s brand to consumers or customers, then the Social Signature is the Grand Value Proposition: value – in all forms – not just to consumers or customers, but to a far wider set of stakeholders.

Guy Champniss (consultant and founder of 1d9&co)

A new concept of branding (subject redefined by Wally Olins on the principles of stakeholder engagement activities and sustainability).

A concept that is to be welcomed, not because we needed it, but because it folds perfectly over imperfections of the business sector. A world that still seeks to develop strategies and programs based on sustainability and corporate responsibility budgets calculated as “crumbs” of profit rather than assuming direct investment and planned business results (increase in turnover and profit).

So I welcome and encourage companies develop a nice social signature and I hope that at least 15% of corporate leaders include this new concept in their agenda.

But, until major changes occur, I will continue fighting for the management “move” that I think is the winning one (especially in Romania).

If you really want to drive a sustainable and responsible business you have to align the investments according to this objective and not rely on the creativity of your subordinates on social and environmental projects (projects that respond only to requests from market communication and the public – educated in this regard by tabloid news).